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Hi, I'm Margarita and I'm a contemporary artist residing in the vibrant city of Singapore. Originally from Russia, I also lived in Germany, Singapore, UK, USA, and now back in Singapore again.


I entered the world of art in 2012 by taking painting classes just for fun in one of the art studios in Singapore, but back then I didn't take it seriously enough.

Later in London, I attended art classes at schools such as The Art Academy, Morley College, and Central Saint Martins. In New York, I decided to take my art skills to a professional level and gave up my career in marketing and BD to become a full-time artist. I attended classes in the Art Students League of New York and Bridgeview School of Fine Arts. I also participated in a few exhibitions in New York and sold some of the paintings to private collectors from different countries.

Since 2018 I'm based in Singapore again. I keep exploring different art styles and art mediums, which explains why all of my paintings are done in different styles, however lately my focus has been on painting Singapore's beautiful nature.

artist statement

artist statement.

Through my art, I strive to express the boundless beauty that surrounds us, be it nature, cities or people. Working predominantly with oil and acrylic mediums, I find their versatility perfectly complements my artistic vision. Each medium offers distinct qualities, allowing me to create either subtle, ethereal layers or bold, expressive strokes that breathe life into the scenes I paint. My creative process begins by immersing myself in nature's embrace, exploring forests, meadows, mountains, and coastlines. These experiences become the foundation of my art, influencing the emotions and sensations I wish to convey. 


In my work, I am particularly drawn to the interplay of colors. The ever-changing patterns cast by the sun, the subtle hues of twilight, and the dramatic contrasts that arise during various times of day fascinate me. I strive to capture these fleeting moments, inviting viewers to pause and immerse themselves in a world where time seems suspended.


My paintings often balance a sense of realism with a touch of abstraction, inviting viewers to engage with my interpretation of nature's wonders. I believe that art has the power to create a profound connection between the viewer and the subject, transcending the mere portrayal of landscapes and evoking a deeper appreciation for the environment that surrounds us.


Ultimately, my art is an invitation to step into the embrace of nature, to feel the gentle breeze, hear the rustling leaves, and witness the intricate dance of life. It is my humble endeavor to share the profound beauty that exists all around us and inspire others to embark on their own journey of exploration, discovering the magic that lies within the embrace of nature.



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